Meet The Team

These folks give countless hours to keep GMARA running and make our events awesome.

GMARA is 100% volunteer-run. We appreciate your thanks!

Chris Yager:

Founder, President, CEO

Way back in 2002 Chris saw the Eco-challenge on TV and decided it would be fun to give that sport a shot. 15+ years later, we’re still doing this thanks to his leadership. Chris is a frequent course designer and race director as well as the person who keeps the organization going.

When he’s not outside with his family, Chris helps navigate at in Burlington VT.

Tim Curtin

Tim is one of the founding board members, a racer, director, and the original graphic designer (inventor of the “gearflake”). Lately, he’s been spending most of his time trying to cross that uphill tyrolean from Frigid 2012.

When he’s not stuck on a rope over a ravine, Tim spends time at a well-known chip design company and organizes fabulous events for Back to Black VT.

Shawn Freebern

Shawn coordinates the checkbooks, cameras, checklists, code, checkpoints, courses, communication, anything starting with the letter C. When he’s not working behind the scenes to keep GMARA running, Shawn spends time with his wife and daughters.

Like many GMARA volunteers, he also donates time to IBM in exchange for stress and money.

Colin Rose

Colin makes races happen – scouting course, laminating checkpoint tags, picking up 35 gallons of water, hanging flags, collecting paperwork, moving bikes, analyzing post-race results, taking photos, talking to sponsors, staffing TAs… without him these races would be a mess.

Colin was co-director of the 2014 Bitter Pill. He spends his free time alternating between volleyball and knee surgery.

Jen Guimaraes

Jen raced for many years before getting distracted by the volunteer side of the shop. Now, she tirelessly promotes GMARA to sponsors and community organizations. She directed her first Frigid Infliction in 2014!

When she’s not in the woods, she’s on the water – as the associate director of the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center

Charlotte Gowen

Whether tackling race promotion on social media and online calendars, coordinating with sponsors, scouting and setting course, or pushing for more exciting post-race menus, Charlotte has quickly become essential to GMARA operations. When things start falling through the cracks, she’s there to pick them up.

During indoor hours she manages the Binter Center for Parkinson’s Disease & Movement disorders and is on the board of the APDA VT chapter.

John Davison:

Volunteer of Doom

If you’ve raced with GMARA, chances are good that John checked your gear or checked you in at a TA. He has volunteered at more events than anyone except Chris. He knows how a GMARA race runs, inside and out, from timing to tyroleans. He deserves a custom hat.

Graham Bates

Graham is a racer (a member of the legendary “Wet Yeti Contest”), race director, and primary course designer for many Frigid Inflictions. Graham spends his nights and weekends in Rochester, VT scouting course for a future event in the Green Mountain National Forest. During the days, he loans his brain to Global Foundries as a Copper CMP process engineer.
Kate Yager:

Copy Editor, to the: Stars

Kate has skills that the rest of us lack, like being able to write a paragraph without 3000 commas. We appreciate the help with press releases and easily parseable text.

Eli Moulton

Eli is a founding board member. He used to race more often, now he mostly handles GMARA’s legal work, makes sure we pay our taxes and keep our insurance up to date.

Eli is a founding partner at The Moulton Law Group, providing legal services for businesses.