The Outdoor Gear Exchange

Bitter Pill

The Outdoor Gear Exchange Bitter Pill is a 12-hour adventure race for teams of two or three. The most recent Bitter Pill took place on Saturday, August 2 2014 near Richmond, VT. Check out the results or if you're interested in a future race, sign up for email updates.

If you're new to this sport, go into the Bitter Pill expecting it to be an amazing adventure. You will do things you've never done. You'll go places you never would have otherwise. As long as you're willing to keep moving, you WILL make it to the finish. We design our courses in a way to provide a full challenge to all levels of participants, from rookies to nationally ranked teams. Check out some of our past racers' comments for some insight.

Keep your eyes on the updates page for additional details. If you're looking for teammates, check our contact page for suggestions.

From all of us at GMARA, we're looking forward to an amazing race and hearing about all your trials, successes, perseverance, and how you've grown as a result of your struggles in the race. We've had everything from multiple moose and wedding proposals to duct taped bike frames and eighty pound packs. Come join us and add to the story!