Teams for Race #32

#DivTeam NameCaptainTeammateTeammate
31 4O Track Suit SaturdayTom Desrosiers Rebecca Desrosiers Jordana Levine Justin Thompson
32 3O Not Lost, Just Wandering!Prashant Bhattarai Samson Gadekar Karthik Nagarajan
33 3O Snow Play!Brian Barclay ian barclay Janet Barclay
34 2O Baby It's Cold OutsideKaren Phillips Patrick Noyes
35 2O Chaos Machine/LifestrawCliff White Emily Moreshead
36 2O Doubmans with AltimeterEmma Doubman Lyn Doubman
37 2O Doubmans without AltimeterJay Doubman Tara Doubman
38 2O Jersey BoysDavid Arentsen Andrew Pohl
39 3O Just Winging ItRaina White Michele Maxson Will McFarland
40 2O MuttButtsBenny Chen Caitlin Folchman-Wagner
41 2O One Sip At A TimeMarshall Farley Jennifer Farley
42 2O Team RocketAlex Bandin Hayley Israel
43 2O The Donner PartySteven Deyo Blair Deyo
44 2O The reason why our dad's hair is grey...Brittani Barone Carly Barone
46 2O Check Point ChicksElizabeth Keane Steffanie Keilty

Division breakdown: 2 Person Open: 12, 3 Person Open: 3, 4 Person Open: 1 (16 teams)

Where racers are from: NH: 27%, MA: 27%, VT: 27%, CT: 14%, ME: 3%, NJ: 3% (37 racers)