2020 GMARA Race Schedule Update

We’ve been receiving a lot of email lately about the 2020 race schedule, particularly since the Frigid Infliction is typically just around the corner in early March. For those looking for the regular crop of GMARA events, this will be a good news, bad news post.

First the bad news. We will not be hosting the Frigid Infliction this year. There’s lots of reasons for this, but the primary reason is the simplest. We don’t want to host an event that has risk of not being excellent. Based on how things were (or weren’t) coming together, we’re going to take a year off. On the plus side, there’s a Saturday morning coming up soon where we’ll get to all sleep in significantly later than we would have otherwise.

We may still host a fun event at the Catamount Town Forest in lieu of the race; we’re bouncing ideas around for that now. Let us know if you want to help out! This would be a great way to get involved.

On the good news side, we’re well ahead of planning and course design for the 2020 Bitter Pill adventure race! We’re excited to bring the event to Lyndonville, Vermont, on August 8th. New terrain across all three disciplines? Check! So much good stuff to choose from out there; we’re looking forward to the springtime and getting out there and continuing the testing. It may be challenging to beat last year’s back woods swamp bike leg of the race, but rest assured you’ll see some amazing things. The 2020 edition will be a USARA regional qualifier.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to volunteer in any capacity. GMARA keeps running due to everyone chipping in to help bring unique adventure in the woods of Vermont.