2018 Test Your Nettle! 2019 Bitter Pill!

Relief is a wonderful thing. I can’t tell you how excited we are to post this announcement, as many of you (dozens) have been reaching out about this year’s Bitter Pill and we’ve been holding off on replying until now. We’ve been delaying the news a bit because we were hoping everything would come together to announce an exciting new location & venue for 2018. Looking realistically at everything, we can’t pull that magic together and instead will be putting all that hard work toward the 2019 Bitter Pill (yes! actually ahead of the game on our planning!)

As a result, we’ll be doing something new and different for 2018. We’ll be hosting a beginner-friendly event out of the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston, Vermont, on Saturday, August 4th. Please check out the 2018 version of our Test Your Nettle event, the first one we’ll be hosting in the summer!

Also – we may add on a bonus NIGHT section for those looking for more of a challenge and to experiment with navigating via headlamp. If this is interesting to you, let us know. We may not add it to registration but do it as a special side-event for those interested.

Rest assured, the full Bitter Pill will be back in 2019; we’re already locking in details for that now and can announce the date very soon.