Bite-Size Adventures

Teams of 1-4
Drop-in Adventure!
October 10th-18th, 2020 (you pick)
Catamount Community Forest, Williston, VT

Looking to get outdoors, on your own schedule, for a challenge where you control the difficulty? Then this is for you!

At GMARA, we try to design our races so new teams can participate, have fun, and make it to dinner. To be honest though, “The Bitter Pill” and “The Frigid Infliction” aren’t exactly a walk in the park. Most GMARA events are 8-12 hours of competitive endurance racing, including trekking, biking, paddling, swimming, rock climbing, skiing and snowshoeing. It can be hard to know whether you’re up for a challenge like that! Even our “Test Your Nettle” events still require real gear, planning, and only take place at a set time.

That’s where these bite-size adventures come in. You sign up and receive maps via email before the event starts. You’ll have at least a week to drop in when convenient and take on as much of the challenge as you want to. You’ll get outdoors, improve your navigation skills, and experience a new area, or an area in a new way. Low-pressure outdoor adventure fun!

Important context:

  • This isn’t a race against other teams; It’s your team vs. the outdoors. Heck, there may not even be another team out there at the same time you are.
  • No set start time! The orienteering flags will be hung in the woods with care, and you’ll drop in when convenient to tackle the challenge.

GMARA will handling course design and registration for this event at the Catamount Community Forest in Williston, Vermont. You can arrive for your adventure anytime from October 10th-18th. There will be two sections: one on foot and one on mountain bike. You can do either or both – we recommend both! Each section will have plenty of checkpoints, and you’ll decide how many to get, in whatever order you like. We’re excited to sponsor Catamount to help bring something new to Vermont this fall!

Teams attempting to capture all the points will likely take 3-5 hours, depending on your navigation & conditioning. For new teams or those just looking for a nice day out, feel free to get a subset that is appealing. For those that don’t want to bike, you can feel free to get them all on foot. Coming for just an hour is perfectly acceptable – it’s all about what works for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll register on the GMARA website. You’ll need to fill out the Catamount waiver to participate.
  • Shortly before the event officially opens, you’ll receive an email with map(s) and instructions. You’ll print those out.
  • Head to Catamount at any time from October 10th-18th to participate.
  • You’ll use the map to navigate to orienteering flags in the forest.
  • Send us a picture of your results.
  • Feel successful about what you’ve achieved!

A few notes:
– If coming from outside of Vermont, you must follow the Vermont cross-state policy recommendations.
– Please keep your team size small. If more than four people, break up into two teams.
– Bring masks and put them on if you’re near other people. You won’t even need to touch the checkpoint markers; you’ll just record a number onto your result sheet.
– Respect anyone you meet on the trail. Some Catamount trails are on private land; assume anyone you meet may be one of those land owners.
– Dogs are not permitted at Catamount. We know you love Sparky, but he’ll need to sit this one out.

Good news! There’s very little required gear for this event. Here’s a helpful list for what to bring:

  • Your maps and instructions. You’ll receive these via email and print them out ahead of time (No printer? We can help!). You may want to have them in a ziplock bag to protect them from the elements.
  • A compass. You could try to navigate just using the trail system, but we recommend you learn how to use a compass for this event.
  • Something to write with. A pen, pencil, or fine-tip sharpie should all work well enough.
  • A mask. Please wear it when near other Catamount property users.
  • A whistle. If anything goes wrong, this will help others find you.
  • If biking, you need to have a helmet.
  • Water. Food. Anything to make your day more enjoyable.


Here's the latest news about this race:


Team # Division NameRacers
1OpenStroller NorthRoss Lieblappen, Everett Lieblappen, Stephanie Lieblappen, Matt Schley
2OpenTeam KashKit Vreeland, Ashley Eaton
3OpenPETRAfied!Andrea Charest, Steve Charest, McKinley Charest
4OpenIf Found, Saran Wrap to TreeJack Yager, Sam Yager
5OpenCOMPASSionpamela gude, Liz Jones, John Jones
6OpenHTCDChristine Dillon, Helene Thomas
7OpenMuellersAndrew Mueller, Jake Mueller
8OpenSaran Wrap - CheckBrenda Rose, Donavan Turner
9OpenThe CrokenatorsDavid Croke, Ethan Croke, Allie Croke, Deena Miller
10OpenFlag Hunters Under ThereScot Rose, Jordan Francis
11OpenSterling FactsAdrian Owens, Allison Van Akkeren
12OpenThe Flibbityjibbit, The Will-o-the-Wisp, The ClownMeg Freebern, Adele Freebern, Eleanor Freebern
13OpenCrumple-Horned SnorkaksSarah Freebern, Sophie Freebern , Enoch Freebern
14OpenThe Night ReadersBarbara Cote, Reece Woodward, TBD
15OpenRugged roadMeredith Naughton, Thorin Markison
16OpenThe WildlingsJason Sibley, Heather Socha
17OpenExploreatorsAlec Duling
18OpenEasier said than run!Amanda Martin, Laura W, Julie M
19OpenLet's GoEmily Kallock, Will Kallock, Odie Kallock, Renzo Pizzagalli
20OpenPine Haven ExplorersJennifer Pizzagalli, Vittoria Pizzagalli , Jon Pizzagalli , Carlo Pizzagalli
21OpenThe ProcrastinatorsCory Halliburton, Cecilia Halliburton, Colin Halliburton, Maja Halliburton
22OpenBuehler BunchHans Buehler, Luke Buehler, Betty Buehler, Ezra Buehler

Totals: 61 racers


Registration is closed for the previous event and not open for possible future events. If you'd like to be notified when things are planned, sign up for email from the contact page.

For reference, these were the rates for the previous event:
  • Sep 28 - Oct 17: $20 per racer.