2019 Bitter Pill – Date Set!

You’ll see the website being updated with full details soon, but we wanted to share ASAP that we’ve set the date for this summer’s Bitter Pill on August 10th. Happy training!

2019 Frigid Infliction/Nettle – Update #1

Hello adventure racers! T-Minus 2 1/2 weeks till race day! Bolton backcountry just got another foot yesterday with more on the way! A few important details: NOTE TO THOSE PLANNING TO RENT EQUIPMENT: Bolton has a ton of new staff this year including … Continued

Test Your Nettle Update

Plans for the Nettle have come together nicely. There is a great assortment of points and challenges; there will be a wide variety of on-trail and off-trail points for you to chose from. We’re really looking forward to hearing the … Continued

2018 Test Your Nettle! 2019 Bitter Pill!

Relief is a wonderful thing. I can’t tell you how excited we are to post this announcement, as many of you (dozens) have been reaching out about this year’s Bitter Pill and we’ve been holding off on replying until now. … Continued

Bitter Pill 2017 Results

The GMARA crew explored new terrain this summer! New trails to run, waterfalls to find, ponds to swim and hills to climb… so many hills…

Adventure 101: Stinging Nettles

If you hang around GMARA events you’re guaranteed to hear volunteers joking about nettles. Not sure what a nettle is? Time to “brush up” on your knowledge! (ha ha)

2017 Bitter Pill Information

We’re excited to announce we’ll be basing this year’s Bitter Pill out of the Sugarbush Resort on Saturday, August 12th. Lots more to come as we shake out the course and disciplines, but this should let you block off your … Continued

Frigid Infliction 2017 Results

Skiing! Snowshoeing! Drifts so deep you need a shovel to find the checkpoints! But then we saw this: Burlington, VT hit 72F today. This smashes the daily and all-time monthly records. — NWS Burlington (@NWSBurlington) February 25, 2017 Ok, so … Continued