2020 Bitter Pill Update

It has become apparent that we simply will not be able to host the Bitter Pill this year. Try as we might, aligning a suitable location, dinner plan, transition areas, etc., all while maintaining reasonable distancing – while also having places for enough people to stay…well, safe to say that while perhaps possible, it isn’t likely, won’t be as much fun, and is extremely difficult to commit to while the future is still so uncertain.

We regret it. We wish things were in a different place and that we could give many of you an opportunity to see each other and get out in the wilderness in a unique way, but that will have to wait for next year. (Good news – we’re now really far ahead on planning for our 2021 race!)

We are talking about what we can provide to people. We might consider hanging some orienteering flags in remote places and having timed competitions where you drop in at your leisure. We’ll see. If you have idea, or want to help, let us know!

Thanks for understanding,
The GMARA Crew