Announcing the Wintry Wander!

GMARA is pleased to announce the Bolton Valley Wintry Wander, a kids’ event presented by MVP Health Care!

We’re able to offer this navigation challenge at only $5 per participant thanks to generous support from Bolton Valley and long-time sponsors MVP Health Care.

We’re excited that this is finally coming together. Many of the GMARA directors have small family members, and while they often get to scout course, set points, or serve lemonade, there’s never been an opportunity for them to join a team and hunt for flags in the woods.

We know a lot of racers have kids too, here’s your excuse to bring them along and let them share in the excitement of the not-quite-backcountry. Teams can be any size, but you’ll need an adult as the team captain to lead the group and make sure that nobody spends too long in the snow.

Many more details on the race page, but if you have questions, please drop us a line at and we’ll clear things up!

One final note – while we expect this to co-exist nicely with the Frigid from a spectator’s point of view, we do need to point out that post-Frigid dinner at the Ponds isn’t included for Wintry Wanderers. If you’d like to join the racers for dinner, though, just let us know and we’ll work out the cost details.