OGE Bitter Pill 2015 – Results

The Outdoor Gear Exchange Bitter Pill returned to Bolton Valley this year for the first time since 2009. We love spending time at Bolton in the summer – great views, great trails, and great amounts of elevation gain!

Bitter Pill 2015 Live Updates

This year we’re trying something new during the Bitter Pill – if things go as planned this post will automatically publish when the race starts, and you’ll see: Maps! A brief course description! General details about where and how to … Continued

Bitter Pill 2015 Pre-race Notes

This email went to racers earlier this morning: Less than a week until you’re lost in the Green Mountains! Quick critical reminders first, then some fun stuff at the end. – Registration + gear check is Friday night from 5:30-9 … Continued

Bitter Pill 2015 Shirts & More

Our deadline to order shirts & maps is coming up next Monday. Here’s a few optional items for you to consider this week: Did you pick the right shirt size / cut during registration? Do you want an extra shirt … Continued

Bitter Pill 2015 early entry raffle

We love it when teams sign up early – it’s much easier to make a race happen when we hit critical mass. To make that early commitment more appealing, any team who registers for the OGE Bitter Pill through Sunday, … Continued

OGE Frigid Infliction 2015 Results

Ten years! You keep coming back, even when it’s so cold you can’t remember your fingers. This year’s Outdoor Gear Exchange Frigid Infliction was a challenge, to be sure – but teams new and old jumped into the ice bath … Continued

Frigid 2015 Updates

Less than three weeks until the 2015 OGE Frigid Infliction! Some critical updates for you: 1. You no longer need to bring a climbing harness and biners! Petra has agreed to have their rental harnesses available on race day. You’re … Continued

Frigid 2015 Shirts

For the men’s shirt, we’re sticking with the UltraClub 1/4-zip pullover that we’ve used a couple times in the past. Racers and volunteers seem happy with the fit, it seems to be what everyone expects (size, cut, etc) from a … Continued

Frigid 2013 Writeup

We’re glad the 2013 MVP Health Care Frigid Infliction was held at Bolton Valley Resort. In the valleys of Vermont, things were a little wet, and the snow had given way to rain. Luckily, Bolton has the elevation required for … Continued

Bitter Pill 2012 Results

Yet again, the MVP Health Care Bitter Pill was an amazing race through some great Vermont terrain.