Bitter Pill – Increasing the Number of Teams!

There has been an outpouring of interest in this year’s Bitter Pill Adventure Race. We rapidly hit the cap for our two-person division and are only a few teams shy of filling our three-person division. That’s great news, except to those of you that didn’t get in soon enough and are on the waiting list.

Thanks for your patience as we made further progress on the course design and worked to secure additional watercraft. As a result of those efforts, we’ll be adding eight additional two-person entries and two extra three-person entries, bringing our total count for the event to seventy teams. We’re not going to go any bigger than that, as we don’t want to compromise the integrity of the course or your enjoyment of it.

If you are already on the wait list via registering or request by email, we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if you are now in the event. If you don’t hear from us in that time, please reach out so we can ensure we haven’t missed anything. The wait list will be process in the order we heard from you.