Bitter Pill Team Update #1


The course is nicely coming together for this summer’s Bitter Pill. Teams will be in some woods rarely traveled (and certainly never in an adventure race) and on all sorts of different mountain biking, a portion of which we’d wager has never seen a bike before. Be prepped for a small-ish portion of navigating your bike through fairly impassable terrain with a wonderful payoff afterward. Trust us! (And no, hunting on a map ahead of time will not help you here.)

The race will be based out of the Blush Hill Country Club in Waterbury, VT. There is no lodging at Blush Hill, but there are several hotels nearby as well as numerous AirBnB opportunities.

As you continue to prep, make sure you’re working on your navigation and on gaining elevation on both foot and bike. You’ll have plenty of opportunity for both!

Oh yes, you’ll be paddling too. Remember: 2-person teams will be in kayaks, 3-person teams will be in canoes. You bring your own PFD, we provide paddles. If you’d rather use your own paddle, be prepped to carry it through the race. There is no major swim but those who have been around know we occasionally surprise you.

Looking forward to see you all very soon!

Chris, Ross, Shawn, and the GMARA Crew