Bitter Pill Team Update #2

We have less than two weeks to go and things are coming together nicely. The map is finalized, checkpoints are nailed down, shirts are ordered, permits & insurance are in hand, boats are orchestrated, and volunteers are being mobilized. We’ve enjoyed seeing teams continue to register. We are closing registration on Friday, so tell your friends to sign up soon, if they’re going to. We do still have access to a few more boats but we’re approaching our capacity there as well.

We do have one change to announce: race start will be at 5:30am, and therefore finish will be extended to 5:30pm. This means pre-race briefing will begin at 5:00 a.m. This change allows us to finish a bit later and minimize impact with traffic from the golf course during prime hours. I don’t think too many of you will complain about an extra half hour of sleep.

Please do a final review of the gear list to ensure you have all the required gear. An earlier version incorrectly excluded a PFD – you do need to bring a PFD, and much like your other individual gear, you’ll need to carry it through the race.

One item of note from your gear list is water purification. While we’re a bit too far away to trust the forecast, there’s a good chance things will be quite warm and you’ll need to stay hydrated. If you haven’t ever tested whatever method you’re bringing, we recommend you try it out ahead of time. This holds true of all your gear, but many know from experience that after you use iodine once you might be motivated to find an alternative.

Blush Hills does have a policy against bringing your own alcohol onsite. There will be a cash bar open after the race, so please rely on that until you leave their property. Thanks for understanding.

For those new to the sport, or wanting a little refresher, we will give a basic navigation lesson at registration on Friday. Please time your arrival such that you can participate if interested.

Hopefully your training is wrapping up well and you feel prepared. Either way, you’re sure to have an adventure. We’re looking forward to hearing feedback about this course. It’s going to be fun!

-The GMARA Crew