Bitter Pill Team Update #3

We’re just a few short days away!

We’ve closed registration (congrats to one team squeaking in under the wire) and are putting the finishing touches on everything.

A few notes to pay attention to:

– Registration closes at 9pm Friday evening. Normally we can extend this a bit but we’ll be more limited this time. If you are somehow delayed, please reach out to us via
– The weather forecast looks like we may see some rain, particularly in the morning (it’s jumped from 20% to 40% today alone.) Be prepped.
– There is a parade in downtown Waterbury Saturday afternoon that may affect people joining you for dinner or picking you up. You can see a parade route here. While it shouldn’t affect racers (barring a really ‘creative’ aka ‘not at all viable what are you thinking’ aka ‘we’re really confused’ nav choice), pass the word along to anyone you know that might be affected.
– We have word back from our final course tester who ran through everything this past weekend (a few things several times!) We maaaaay have included just a little too much in this course. We’ve adjusted the instructions accordingly, particularly with some rain coming, but you’ll want to pay close attention to both your instructions and at the pre-race briefing.
– And yes, you really need to take your bike through that. Really. Not kidding. Remember you read this. Foreshadowing and all that.

Any final questions, hit us up. We’ll see you in a few days!

The GMARA Crew