Course Updates!

We have a full race ahead of us! We’re excited to have filled up so early, even with finding some extra boats. That being said, we thought you might like some insight into the course…

The bike: it’s certainly more ride-able than last year, but that’s not saying much! There’s quite the mix of terrain this year. Some classic VT country roads, a little hike-a-bike, and some fun trail riding, including a monster downhill. Expect to do a good amount of climbing!

The paddle: longer than the past few years. Those who consider bringing your own paddle may find it worth it, but remember you’ll carry that paddle through the whole race. And by the way – what’s a paddle without a portage? Be prepared to move that boat without any liquid assistance.

The trek: we’re pretty excited about this year’s trek. All off-trail (well, except for the ones that exist just to confuse you), in great Vermont woods, with interesting navigation choices. If you have access to an altimeter, you won’t be sad you brought it.

Hopefully that’s just enough information to help you prepare a bit. We wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you soon.