Frigid 2015 Shirts

For the men’s shirt, we’re sticking with the UltraClub 1/4-zip pullover that we’ve used a couple times in the past. Racers and volunteers seem happy with the fit, it seems to be what everyone expects (size, cut, etc) from a men’s wicking T.

For the women’s shirt, we’re going with the Badger Ladies’ long-sleeve v-neck that we used for Frigid 2012 and 2013. If you want a snug-fitting women’s cut, it’s a nice shirt.

Currently selected shirt sizes will be indicated in the table below, with S M L XL indicating men’s shirts, and WS WM WL WXL indicating women’s shirts.
If you want something different, contact directly to get the list updated.

We’re happy to order any shirt for anybody – some women want shirts cut to fit, and some have told us they prefer the color and style of the men’s shirt. Some people have plenty of race shirts already, and want to pick something up for a spouse or a child. If you want an extra shirt, let us know that too – extras of either shirt will be $20 (that’s the actual cost – we’re not making a profit).

Shirt sizes are indicated next to each racer's name:

Team NameCaptainTeammateTeammate
acidotic Racing - Team PumpkinSarah Sallade (WS) Mike Sallade (L)
Brrrrple CobrasKim Abell (L) Paul Manley (L) Carl Richardson (L)
Calvin and HobbesStephen Adamowitz (L) Jeffrey North (L)
Chafing the dream!Tom Martin (XL) Amanda Auger (WM)
Chaos RaidRick Keilty III (L) Steffanie Gentile (S)
Coming in HotAlex Campbell (L) Travis Fondow (M) Kelly Murray (S)
Directionally ChallengedRick Keilty Jr (XL) Colleen Keilty (WS)
ExtremophilesIlana Brito (S) Eric Alm (M) Jesse Shapiro (S)
Fitness Underwear?Meredith Naughton (WM) Thorin Markison (M)
GesundheitPeter Anderau (L) Steve Anderau (M)
goose adventure racingTim Ratowski (XL) Rob Feissner (M) Ian Webber (M)
HunnEbadgersAshley Lindeman (WM) Jeremy Lindeman (M)
icicle built for twoJulia Kester (S) Max Kraft (L) Patrick Noyes (L)
IF IT WERE EASY MICHEL WOULD DO ITBrenda Rose (WL) Julie Gruenholz (L)
Jensen/TourtillotteAndrew Jensen (L) Jason Tourtillotte (XL)
Missouri Boat RideRoyce Kunze (L) Jeff Austin (L) David Hammer (XL)
NH Trail VetsMason Holland (M) Nick Cassotis (M) Rob Hillman (L)
No IdeaPeter Junek (M) Lu Quan Tan (XL)
No ThoughtsThomas Robinson (L) Matt Fleischner (M)
NYARADan Brannen (M) Mike Hanes (M)
Puddle PiratesChristopher Legard (L) Mike Baxendell (L) Dan Homa (L)
Rynn RunnersCaitlin Hillenbrand (WM) CJ Hillenbrand (M)
Snowball fight! Claire Foster (WM) Ashley Sylvester (WM)
Sustainable AthleteMatt Lunt (M) Ryan Kelly (S) Holly Whitney (WS)
Team 'Orange 'Orange 'OschLiz Losch (S) Kirsten L'Orange (WS) Tim Malcolm (L)
Team ReMixJonathan Forcier (L) Pascal Laroche (M)
Team TowandaShari Hymes (WM) Nancy Caldwell (M) Mary Scheerer (S)
The Everlasting GobstoppersJeffrey Lou (M) Charlie Dunn (M) Ashin Modak (M)
The LeftoversChris Peter (M) Jitka Hiscox (S)
The Map GurusJeremy Colgan (M) Alan Young (M)
Too Tall Too SmallAlix Moriarty (S) Aron Person (L)
UltraBambiBrian Staveley (L) Chael Christopher (L) Sam Wallis (M)