Frigid Poster Contest, Early Reg Ending

Welcome to the new year, Racers!

A quick reminder: This is the last week for the Frigid early registration discount. Register by Friday to save yourself $20 per teammate.

That also means this is the last week for the poster contest, and we’ve heard from many of you that color printers just don’t exist in your backcountry. Given that, here’s a new, fun black and white poster.

Print it, hang it, take a selfie, and share on your favorite social media site. Tag GMARA somehow, let us know where it’s posted, and mail to be sure.

You’ll be entered into the drawing for the $100 OGE/ gift card, and you’ll be helping GMARA stay strong! Fine print below.

Lastly, we’re going to take some time soon to highlight a few of our long-time racers and what they’re doing the other 363 days of the year. Racers are into some awesome stuff! If you’re curious, watch the blog, like the facebook page, or follow us on twitter. If you’ve got a great story, get in touch – we always love to hear what you’re up to!

Details & fine print about the poster contest:

  1. Download and print this 8.5×11 poster: Frigid 2015 Poster
  2. Hang it somewhere potential racers might see it:
    • The gym where you’re training for your next ultra
    • Your favorite outdoor gear emporium
    • That coffee shop where the orienteering club meets every week
    • Your office… if you work with a lot of outdoorsy people
    • The warming hut near your local nordic ski trails
    • College student centers
    • Anywhere you actually believe potential racers might see it
  3. Take a selfie with the poster showing off its new home, and share with us using one or more of these:
  4. When you share it, let us know where it’s hanging, and tag us so we know it’s there.
  5. Get your posters up (and shared) by the time early registration ends: Jan 10th 2015. One location = one raffle entry.
  6. Mid-January, we’ll draw a winner and send them a $100 gift card to Burlington’s Outdoor Gear Exchange /

Of course, we need some fine print:

Let us know if you have questions!