Race Overview

GMARA is the Green Mountain Adventure Racing Association.

What are our races like? In short:

We’ll give you a topographical map with locations marked.

Each location will have a bright orange & white flag hanging in the woods.

Using a compass, you and your teammates find the flags before time is up!


Our races usually involve multiple sports – bike, hike, paddle or swim in the summer, ski & snowshoe in the winter.
They all involve navigation with map and compass. Sometimes we add things like rock climbing!
The obstacles you’ll find are all natural – Vermont terrain is enough of a test for any team.


Our adventure races require teams, there are no solo racers. Staying cheerful is part of the challenge (most teams succeed).
It helps that we end our days with great post-race dinners, awards for top teams, and raffle prizes for all participants.


Adventure racing has been called “an expedition with a stopwatch”. Our flagship events run for 10-12 hours; a full day outdoors.
We also offer 1-, 3-, and 5-hour events that are more accessible for new racers, families with young children, and even experienced racers who just want a lighter day out.


GMARA races are built to be enjoyable for first-timers yet challenging enough for national champions.
Whether you love the thrill of finding a gorgeous waterfall hidden deep in the woods or the excitement of hauling yourself on ropes over a ravine, once you can read a map you’ll feel right at home.

Interested? Want to learn more? Can’t wait to sign up?

That’s great to hear! The best way to get involved and stay informed is to join our mailing list, but you can also check out our event list to see what’s coming soon, or browse through old results and photos to get a feel for past events.