Race Rules

General GMARA Race Rules

For the safety or our racers and race staff, and to ensure a smooth event, everyone must follow all of these rules. Failing to do so, or taking any other action deemed inappropriate by the race organizers, will result in penalties or disqualification.


  • Follow course instructions at all times.
  • Consist of two or more racers.
  • Have all team members be at least eighteen years of age on the date of the race, unless they have explicit permission from the race organizers.
  • Travel as a unit at all times, unless race directions specifically state otherwise.
  • Inform race officials if your team is withdrawing from the race. We need to know you are off the course so we do not continue to track you or incorrectly search for you if you are overdue. This is extremely important.
  • Render emergency assistance to another team that is in need. Teams rendering emergency aid to another team will be potentially granted a time bonus equal to time lost, receive credit for missed checkpoints, or taken care of in an appropriate manner. We’ll make it right.
  • Complete the race as instructed, passing checkpoints in the prescribed order, to finish as a ranked team.
  • Carry all mandatory equipment at all times.
  • Carry all mandatory section equipment during the appropriate section.
  • Dispose of all team garbage and waste in a proper manner.


  • Racing solo. A team of three or more may continue unranked if one member withdraws, but we will not permit anyone to be out there on their own.
  • Using any mode of transport other than those outlined in the race instructions.
  • The use of electronic navigation and communication devices, other than those sanctioned by race officials. (See Electronics Policy below)
  • Using maps other than those provided by the race organizers.
  • Receiving assistance, other than medical, from anyone not involved with the race.
  • Leaving gear or supplies behind during the race, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Picking up additional gear or supplies during the race, unless instructed otherwise.