OGE Bitter Pill – Registration Update

As many of you are already aware, we weren’t originally able to source as many boats from our primary provider as in the past. As a result, we had a healthy backlog of teams on the wait list, which isn’t fun for anyone. (In hind sight, we should have offered a spot to the team with the most creative bribe; we definitely received a few interesting offers.)

All that being said, we now have some good news! We were able to find a few more boats, and can fit everyone in. To do so, we’ll be assigning boats a bit differently than in the past. Two-person male teams, of which there are close to twenty, will be using tandem kayaks. All other divisions will be using canoes.

We’re excited that we can get this many teams on the course. We may be able to squeeze in a couple more, so if you’re interested, put in your registration and we’ll see what we can do.

Hopefully your training is going well! We’ll see you soon.