Test Your Nettle Racer Update #1

Regarding race day schedule:
  • Check-in opens at 11AM. We recommend being on the early side – As soon as your team is checked in we’ll give you maps to start planning your adventure.
  • Race start is at 12PM
  • Race course closes at 3:00PM. You can stay out for 30 minutes, or the full time, it’s up to you, but don’t be late!
  • Post race food and awards to follow! Peanut butter, bagels, bananas, hot chocolate, pastries – that kind of carb-recovering, finger warming deliciousness. (I realize our website’s backend asks you about vegetarian vs omnivore etc, please ignore that section, it’s meant just for the Hard Fall 24 hour racers who are getting a full catered meal post race!)
For those of you paying very close attention, you’ll notice I left out a very important piece of information – Where the heck this is all happening! While we’re not ready to release the exact address, we can tell you it will be within a 10 minute drive of Burke VT, and we’ll release full details of the location in the week leading up to the race. With that said, here are a couple extra pieces of info we can share:
  • Paddles and PFD’s will be available for anyone that needs one. Racers are welcome to bring their own should they choose.
  • If you use the supplied paddle gear you won’t have to carry it anywhere. If you bring your own paddle gear you might have to do a bit of carrying depending on the route you choose. This will make more sense after you see the maps.
  • You will have access to your car throughout the event if needed. Depending on your route choice it may not make sense to revisit your car mid-race.
That’s all for now, if there’s any questions you’d like answered in the next racer update, please feel free to shoot us an email or leave a comment below!