2017 Frigid Infliction – Important Update

We’ll be trying something a bit new for the 2017 Frigid Infliction. Never fear – it will still be spectacular! For those that have been racing with us for years, here’s a snapshot of the key items that will be different:

Why the changes? This provides us with some additional ‘free’ time to focus on things like our families, and planning for the 2017 Bitter Pill (which may be moving to a new venue). Also, for years we’ve wanted to craft an event that was just a little more welcoming to people who wanted to try out this amazing sport. This is the year to encourage your friends and families to participate! Less gear, a bit shorter, and more control than normal over the discipline breakdown.

Some things will stay the same, or close to what you remember from the past:

We’re still reviewing the gear lists, some things need an update. The basic goal of the mandatory gear will be the same though, no surprises: Stay warm, drink clean water, make fire, treat minor wounds and so on. We’ll notify you when those are cleaned up.

We’re also still debating a shorter, cheaper event on the same day, with the same navigational challenges but a more limited format. Bigger than the Wintry Wander, smaller than the Frigid. Rather than just bring guests to dinner, we want you to talk them into a day in the snow with a map and compass. Think about likely candidates (for either race) while you’re out at holiday parties, and let’s get a bunch of new people in the woods.

Given all the changes, we expect a bunch of questions – please post here rather than emailing us, then everyone can see the answers.

– Chris, Shawn & the crew