2017 Frigid Infliction – Important Update

We’ll be trying something a bit new for the 2017 Frigid Infliction. Never fear – it will still be spectacular! For those that have been racing with us for years, here’s a snapshot of the key items that will be different:

  • The race will be eight hours instead of ten.
  • This means you can sleep in two hours later! We’ll finish at the same time. You’re welcome.
  • No planned postholing… yet. We know none of you are sad about that.
  • Perhaps no ropes discipline; definitely not a monster tyrolean. We know many of you will be sad about that.
  • You will have more control over the balance between skiing and snowshoeing. You’ll find out how that will work at the pre-race briefing. Don’t worry, you will still do both…you’ll just have more ‘options.’
  • You will NOT need to carry your skis while on the snowshoe leg. You’re very, very welcome.
  • This race will NOT be a USARA regional qualifier.
  • All-male and all-female teams will now race in a single “open” division.
  • We’ve changed our fee structure slightly, to better reflect how we actually spend money. (Bonus: this lowers your costs too!)

Why the changes? This provides us with some additional ‘free’ time to focus on things like our families, and planning for the 2017 Bitter Pill (which may be moving to a new venue). Also, for years we’ve wanted to craft an event that was just a little more welcoming to people who wanted to try out this amazing sport. This is the year to encourage your friends and families to participate! Less gear, a bit shorter, and more control than normal over the discipline breakdown.

Some things will stay the same, or close to what you remember from the past:

  • Coed 3-person teams are still the premier division.
  • Navigation and teamwork will still be the primary challenges, with frozen water from the sky if we’re lucky.
  • Registration and gear check will still be held Friday night before the race.
  • The post-race party should be fabulous as usual, with lots of raffle prizes.
  • Bolton’s terrain will still provide great winter adventure.

We’re still reviewing the gear lists, some things need an update. The basic goal of the mandatory gear will be the same though, no surprises: Stay warm, drink clean water, make fire, treat minor wounds and so on. We’ll notify you when those are cleaned up.

We’re also still debating a shorter, cheaper event on the same day, with the same navigational challenges but a more limited format. Bigger than the Wintry Wander, smaller than the Frigid. Rather than just bring guests to dinner, we want you to talk them into a day in the snow with a map and compass. Think about likely candidates (for either race) while you’re out at holiday parties, and let’s get a bunch of new people in the woods.

Given all the changes, we expect a bunch of questions – please post here rather than emailing us, then everyone can see the answers.

– Chris, Shawn & the crew

4 Responses:

  1. Dan Brannen

    Will there be a solo option at Frigid Infliction this year?

    • Shawn

      Still no solo options at GMARA events, Dan. We really like the team aspect of adventure racing, and (especially in the winter) we don’t want anyone out in the backcountry alone.

  2. Tom Martin

    Will we be dropping snowshoes when we put on skis or do they have to be carried?

    • Chris

      You will be able to leave snowshoes behind while on skis, and skis behind while on snowshoes. You’re welcome. :)